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Simply find the software you searched for - more than 200 programs developed by us.
Find more than 200 programs developed by us.

You can get your full version very fast! You could work with your favorite application today!

With PDF Editor you can change PDF documents! - already 15 million downloads

Buy the original PDF Editor from CAD-KAS (2003-2024).

We are the first who enabled our customers to edit PDF files afterwards. PDF Editor is in use in many companies and on private computers around the world and we have many happy customers of this product. You could be your next happy customer! It does not take more than a few minutes of your time.

Do you need an individual software solution? We can develop the software you want for you. Please send us an email.

PDF Editor 5.5 - the best PDF tool - now also as 64 bit version

How do you change PDF files afterwards? Don't work? Sure it does! It is easy with our PDF Editor. With PDF Editor you can edit PDF files easily and make changes afterwards.

To edit files in the PDF format is foolproof. Download the PDF Editor trial version for free and convince yourself.

Warehouse Inventory - now with point of sale function

Maintain the overview over your inventory. This is a very easy to handle program. It does not matter if you have a little online store or sell at ebay this is the program for you!

Now with build in cash register function

You can use the software as point of sale software.

More information about Warehouse Inventory...

Font to DXF and G-Code

Create lettering in any installed TrueType font or single line font and save the result as DXF file or G-Code file. Ideal to plot letters for signs, engravings.

More information about Font to DXF and G-Code...

Paper/Picture to DXF - Turn pictures into lines

Convert CAD drawings in paper form or picture form automatically into vectorized DXF drawings which you can edit with your CAD application. Scan a drawing or load a picture from your hard disk into our program.

More information about Paper/Picture to DXF...

Catalog Designer

- Create product catalogs
Create product catalogs with many pictures, article numbers, descriptions and product variants in table form and volume discounts.

More information about Catalog Designer...

Barcode Creator

Create barcodes in high quality fast and easily! Export your barcodes into bitmaps or as wmf/emf metafile or copy it into the windows clipboard and then paste it directly into your application (Word/Excel).

More information about Barcode Creator...


Do you receive PDF files with CAD drawings from a CAD application like AutoCAD? Now you can extract these drawings and save them as DXF file again to open it in you CAD application.

More information about PDF to DXF...

PDF Password Recovery

Did you forget the password to remove the encryption and limitations of a PDF document? Now you can not print or copy your own PDF file? No problem! With PDF Password Recovery you remove the PDF encryption with one click.

More information about PDF Password Recovery...

Scanned Text Editor

Edit scanned documents WITHOUT ANY LOSE. It does not try to recognize the characters at all. But it lets you simply edit scanned documents.

More information about Scanned Text Editor...

CNC Backplot Editor

Display and simulate your G-Code programs on your PC. It draws the tool path on the screen. So you can debug your G-Code programs. It let you run the program step by step if you want to fix this one bug.

More information about CNC Backplot Editor...

PDF Flip Pages - PDF files on your website

Publish your PDF documents as interactive flip page documents directly on your website.

No need for a PDF reader to view the document. It will display directly in the web browser.

More information about PDF Flip Pages...

Photogrammetric image rectification

Rectify photos with the help of photogrammetry. So you get a completely level view of one side of a building for example.

So you can take the result for measurements of this building. You can export the result as picture or as DXF file. If you take a photo of a rectangle what you get is a trapezoid.

More information about Photogrammetric image rectification...

Paper Form Designer - create your own paper forms

Create your own paper forms for printing. Do not care about the layout at all. Simply enter all you want to query: name, street, city etc.

Possible fields are text fields or free size, checkbox fields and radio fields. You can sort the fields into different segments (categories).

More information about Paper Form Designer...

DXF Splines to Arcs

Convert B-Spline curves contained in DXF files into arcs.

So it will be possible to further process the dxf files and use it with your CNC machine.

The program reads existing DXF files and writes the result into a new DXF file. You can specify the maximum deviation of the arc polyline curve from the original B-Spline curve.

More information about DXF Splines to Arcs...

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